00 Seeds 00 SKUNK Semi di Cannabis Femminizzati


00 Seeds 00 SKUNK.

00 Skunk from 00 Seeds Bank is a feminised cannabis strain created from the selection of one of the best Skunk #1 genetics preserved since the 80s, the basis of the Skunk family.

00 Skunk is a fast-growing, shrub-shaped cannabis plant with a dominant main cola over the rest of its secondary branches. Its outdoor cultivation will give plants of 200 to 250cm, while indoors under lights it will generally measure 75 to 100cm.

Its cultivation is fast, easy and productive, producing 500 to 550g per m2 after just 50 to 55 days flowering, while in outdoor grows it is ready to harvest at the end of September and can yield over 1000g per plant depending on growing conditions.

Its taste and smell are intense, making the use of a charcoal filter or other anti-odour methods almost compulsory to control its pungent aroma of a citric and floral base accompanied by notes of incense.


Tipo: Femminizzato
Fotoperiodo: Si
Coltivazione: Indoor/outdoor
Varietà: Prevalentemente Indica
Genetiche: Skunk selection
Raccolto Outdoor: (g) 1000 gr/plant
Raccolto Indoor: (g) 500 – 550 gr/m2
Tempo di fioritura: (giorni) 50 – 55
Altezza: (cm) 75/110cm
Altezza outdoor: (cm) 200/250cm
Aroma/Sapore: Skunk, incensato
Effetto: Potente, Fisico, Duraturo

Caratteristiche del seme

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