Aficionado French Connection Formula One F2 Regular – Semi Regolari


Aficionado French Connection Formula One F2 Regular – Semi Regolari.

Formula One is an indica/sativa variety from Aficionado and can be cultivated outdoors and indoors, where the plants will need a flowering time of ±68 days. Aficionados Formula One is/was never available as feminized seeds.

This strain was created by combining two outstanding strains: the Black Lime Reserve and Zkittles. The result is a great fusion of flavours, aromas, resin and psychedelic power. F2 is a mostly Indica plant with easy to manage growth structure. The addition of the Black Lime gives ample stretch to notoriously stout frame the development of the branches can be controlled using methods such as topping. Formula One F2 provides great yield of compact, rocky, voluptuous and very resinous buds.

Black Lime Reserve x (Zkittlez x Long Valley Reserve BX1).

Formula One F2 s will captivate you by its powerful terpene profile, a mixture of petrol and turpentine with anise peppermint and touches of lime that make and exceptional bouquet perfect.

Indoors | 49 – 56 days
Outdoors | End of September – the beginning of October

Aficionado SeedsSeeds from Aficionado has a thicker, hardier, and stronger shell casing, formed from full-sun growing methods. That’s because this seedbank is among the very few companies to produce seeds primarily outdoors, 100% organically, under full California sun.

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