Aficionado French Connection Fruit Tartare Regular – Semi Regolari


Aficionado French Connection Fruit Tartare Regular – Semi Regolari.

Sativa dominant hybrid that grows vigorously, developing plenty of secondary branches. It is recommended to prune or pinch out the apical tip early in the growing period to encourage even stronger development, delivering a more abundant harvest.

Fruit Tartare is the result of the collaboration between Leo Stone and ProfessorQ. A vigorous Sativa dominant tall plant that develops plenty of secondary branches. Expect plenty of resin-coated buds loaded with a unique and strong terpene profile. This unique strain will display lovely purple tones.

(Forbidden Fruit x In The Pines) x [Forbidden Fruit x (Zkittlez x Magnum Opus #18)].

Fruit Tartare is a strong and tall plant with high yield accompanied by an intense exotic bouquet of dark cherry, guava, orange.

Indoors | 56 – 63 days
Outdoors | End of September

Aficionado SeedsSeeds from Aficionado has a thicker, hardier, and stronger shell casing, formed from full-sun growing methods. That’s because this seedbank is among the very few companies to produce seeds primarily outdoors, 100% organically, under full California sun.

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