Aficionado French Connection Sorbet à l’Orange Regular – Semi Regolari


Aficionado French Connection Sorbet à l’Orange Regular – Semi Regolari.

Sorbet à l’Orange has a vigorous development and a sustained stretch period, easily reaching a large size, quickly filling our indoor grow tent or producing large bushes when can cultivate it outdoors.

This very special Sativa dominant strain is the result of the collaboration between Leo Stone and Professor Q. Developed from a cross between two high terpènes profile strain (Forbidden fruit x In The Pine) x (Cherry Noir #18 x Sorbetto). A fantastic performer with greasy stalks and Sativa-like stretch (x2) exhibits dense flowers with a pronounced purplish sheen and real fruity flavour; where most of the phenos acquire purple colouration. A vigorous tall plant with lots of strong branches and hard, resin-covered buds.

Sangria x (Cherry Noir #18 x Sorbetto).

Intense tropical aroma of melon, pineapple and citrus are bound to a vivid frame of dark cherries and orange marmalade. Exotic tropical fruit tones are mixed with dark cherry wine and fresh muscat grapes.

Indoors | 56 – 63 days
Outdoors | End of September – early October
CBD/THC ratio of 1:4

Aficionado SeedsSeeds from Aficionado has a thicker, hardier, and stronger shell casing, formed from full-sun growing methods. That’s because this seedbank is among the very few companies to produce seeds primarily outdoors, 100% organically, under full California sun.

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