Aficionado French Connection Spyrock Special Hash Plant Regular – Semi Regolari


Aficionado French Connection Spyrock Special Hash Plant Regular – Semi Regolari.

This variety comes fully endorsed by Frenchy Cannoli, one of the world’s leading hashish experts. Combines an exceptional Chemdawg selected by Leo Stone, one of Aficionado French Connection’s founders, with a Hashish plant. The result is an easy to grow plant specially developed to produce cannabis extractions due to its high resin production, offering excellent yields whether for hashish, BHO or Rosin.

This is a combo of the 2012 Emerald Cup-winning Chemdawg Special Reserve from Mendocino County bred by Leo Stone and highly resinous Spyrock Hashplant. This strain has it all: vigour, resin, short bloom, terps and big yield. This strain has a typical Indica structure with large leaves, a pine tree shape and has a medium stretch. The strong Indica high will leave relaxed in both body and mind. Spyrock Special Hash Plant is an ideal choice for people treating eating disorders as stimulates the appetite but also is effective in chronic pain therapy.

Chemdawg Special Reserve x Spyrock Hashplant.

Produces heaps of resin with chemical-type aromas and flavours giving intense diesel and petrol notes. Its consumption produces a heavy and thick smoke providing a very satisfying feeling. It delivers a physical effect typical of the powerful Indicas. Spyrock Special Hash Plant offers a deep relaxation of the body and mind, ideal for disconnecting and unwinding after a difficult day. It is also perfect for stimulating the appetite.

Indoors | 56 – 65 days
Outdoors | middle of October

Aficionado SeedsSeeds from Aficionado has a thicker, hardier, and stronger shell casing, formed from full-sun growing methods. That’s because this seedbank is among the very few companies to produce seeds primarily outdoors, 100% organically, under full California sun.

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