Blimburn Seeds CINDY’S 99 Feminized – Semi Femminizzati


Blimburn Seeds CINDY’S 99 Feminized – Semi Femminizzati.

This sativa behaves like an indica. It is noted for its remarkably rapid growth and its sweet and fruity taste that comes from its Grapefruit and Pineapple heritage. Inside is can be harvested as early as between 50 and 55 days and outside at the end of September to Mid October.

Outdoor production Mid October
Indoor production 550 grams
Indoor flowering 50 days
Outdoor flowering No
Autoflowering No
Type Mostly Sativa
Genetics Princess x Cinderella 88
Effect Physical and mental
Feminized Yes
Height 2 – 3 meters
Flavor No
THC Very high


Blimburn is well known for the high quality of its seeds. All BlimBurn Seeds are completely unique and are the results of years of study, hard work and stabilisation. Blimburn preserve some of the best strains in the world of cannabis what concerns stability, production, taste and effect.

Caratteristiche del seme

GENOTIPODominante Sativa 
PRODUTTOREBlimburn Seeds 
Resa550 gr/m²
Altezza200 cm
Altezza300 cm