BSF Seeds All Stars USA Automix


BSF Seeds All Stars USA Automix.

BSF SEEDS presents ALL STARS USA Automix. A pack with twelve autoflowered seeds with the best american varieties of all time, totally differed in separated bubbles to avoid confutions. It will allow you to cultivate varieties in one package at a very convenient price.

OG Kush Auto
BSF Seeds brings you one of the most famous varieties from California in its auto mode, the OG KUSH AUTO. Its name, OG Kush comes from its acronym of “ Ocean Grow Kush” or “Kush Cultivated in the ocean”. The OG KUSH Auto is born from the crossing of an 3th generation indic strain with our elite clon OG Kush.

The result is an easy cultivating variety with a vigorous and heavy growth of buds fulls of resin, giving good results even in small spaces, perfect to start the cultivation procees. OG Kush Auto is very stable to be autoflowered, it gives buds with a sweet taste, with a strong physical and mental effect. Its is recommended for strees treatment, depresión and insomnia. It is advised to irrigate in small quatities to not to block the roots.

Genetic: OG Kush
Sativity: 30%
THC: High
Efect: Strong, Phisical, Mental
Origin: California
Complete Cycle: 70-75 Days
Taste: Dirt, Pepper, Sweet
– Interior 400-450 grs/m2
– Exterior 60- 200 grs/ plant

Girl Scout Cookies Auto
BSF Seeds presents an other of the most famous varieties from the west cost of the United States, weel known Girl Scout Cookies Auto. A variety of the result between the crossing of West Cost OG X Durban Poison, in wich we crossed it againwith our elite clon Rudelaris. This variety is very stable, with much resine, the taste of cookie and chocolate that will leave any smoker very impressed. Preferred by our medical users beacause of its high THC content ( reaching a 25% in some) and by its great narcotic sedant effect, perfect to battle stress, pain and eating problems.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a plant that is very easy to cultivate, but it requires to be well fertilizaid from the beggining, since is a fast autoflowered variety. It is important to pay attention to smells at the end of the flowering, because its great aroma could call your attention so is recomended to use air filters for its growing.

Genetic: West Cost OG X Durban Poison
Sativity: 40%
THC: High
Efect: Mental, Phisical, brain
Origin: California
Complete Cycle: 65 days
Taste: Cookie, Sweet, Chocolate
– Interior 350-450 grs/m2
– Exterior 70-300 grs/plant

Sour Diesel Auto
An other example that BSF Seeds brings its is famous american variety Sour Diesel Auto. Result of the crossing between our 3th generation auto clon, with an elite clon Sour Diesel from our reserve. We produced an médium high strain and short flowering, very easy to cultivate, that will leave you surpirsed by its hard rock buds. It is avise an modern fertilization, and small but constant irrigation. It is a recomended strain for cultivating beginners because of its short flowering and also for experts because of its classic efecto.

Like its name says, this variety is a Diesel, therefore it possees the chararteristic dielsel smell acompanied with citric and mandarin taste. With an strong and lasting effect it will leave you stting for hours watching stars. Recomended for insonmia and muscular problems.

Genetic: Sour diesel
Sativity: 80%
THC: high
Effect: Phisical, mental, balanced
Origin: California
Complete Cycle: 70 days
Taste: Mandarin, Citric, Diesel, Wood
– Interior 400-450 grs/m2
– Exterior 50-170 grs/plant

Gorilla Glue Auto
BSF Seeds brings you Gorilla Glue Auto, “ the new californian beast”, in its autoflowering type. Gorilla Glue in its feminizaid type has become very famous in a very few years by its great power and production, that will impress experts and beginners by its high quatities of resine, that is traduced in a very high THC content.

Gorilla Glue Auto is a result of the crossing between our 3th generation clon auto with an elite clon Gorilla Glue #4, obteining a médium size and easy cultivating plant, totally recomended for beginners since it doesnt need especial cares, it only requires to be well fertilized to then be well paid with impressive crops. It gives buds with sweet taste, pine and dirt, also a fruit ponch in some types. With an balanced effect that at the beginning is euphoric, for then to be relaxed, reccomended for stress problems, depression and muscular problems

Genetic: Gorilla Glue #4
Sativity: 40%
THC High
Effect: Balanced, Euphoric and relaxed
Origin: California
Complete Cycle: 65 days
Taste: Sweet, Dirt, Fruit Pounch

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