BSF Seeds Dealer Deal XXL Automix


BSF Seeds Dealer Deal XXL Automix.

From BSF Seeds we bring a very special selection, Dealer Deal XXL Automix. Four cannabis classics selected for their speed, production, ease of cultivation and resistance, totally differentiated into separate bubbles to avoid confusion. The best choice to obtain large crops in limited times, without neglecting quality. A mix that will allow you to grow different varieties in a single package and at the best price.

Critical 2 XXL Auto
BSF Seeds presents the evolution of the classic Critical in its autoflowering version, the Critical 2 XXL Auto. A variety of medium size, very short flowering and very compact samples with the classic sweet aroma of Critical 2, which in some specimens shows hints of lemon. It is a very easy variety to take care of, thanks to its ability to adapt to hot and cold climates, so it is recommended for beginners ensuring a good return.

The Critical 2 XXL Auto is one of the best options for a good meal and afternoon of laughter with friends. This variety will definitely meet the expectations of the most demanding.

Black Dom XXL Auto
In BSF Seeds we do not forget the great cannabis classics and we bring them Black Dom XXL Auto. A pure Afghan, landrace native to the mountains of the Hindu Kush, now in its autoflowering version.

A strain from an original Black Dom clone crossed with our powerful 3rd generation autoflowering clone. The result is an example of medium height, very easy care and very resistant to pests and diseases. High return and beautiful samples surprise even the most experienced. A perfect auto genetics for beginners.

Black Dom XXL Auto is the perfect choice for lovers of indica strains because of its inefficient taste, and can be confused with a Kush for its earthy flavor. Ideal to relax after a tiring day.

Moby-D XXL Auto
BSF Seeds presents a super-producing and automatic flowering version of a classic, Moby-D XXL Auto. This variety maintains all the characteristics of feminized Moby-D that have made it so popular, but with the speed of an autoflower.

To achieve this spectacular specimen, we have crossed our autoflowering Moby-D of the 3rd generation with our autoflowering Haze of the 3rd generation, obtaining a variety of tall stature, producing and very resinous, such that you will not assimilate that it is an autoflower. It is perfect for indoors and outdoors. Inside, you should try to maintain enough space for its development, so we recommend not putting a high number of plants or you will run out of space quickly. Outdoors, we recommend transplanting a pot of at least 11 liters to obtain its full potential. As for nutrition, Moby-D XXL Auto is a monster that likes to be well fertilized, preferring small but continuous watering.

Moby-D XXL Auto maintains the full and intense aroma of the original Moby-D full of citrus, pine and haze flavors; Euphoric and energetic, it will make you go from laughter to a strong feeling of hunger.

Northern XXL Auto
BSF Seeds brings another classic in its autoflowering version, the mythical Northern XXL Auto. One of the best known varieties in the world, produced in the 70s in the United States and ending in the 80s in the Netherlands, has become one of the most popular strains today.

The Northern XXL Auto is an automatic plant of easy care, good bearing and great return. Recommended for discrete projects due to its low odor during growth and flowering. To get all your performance indoors, we recommend doing a single transplant, with small but continuous watering, maintaining from the beginning to the end a light regime of 20 hours of light / 4 hours of darkness.

Northern XXL Auto is a perfect choice for a good rest, without a doubt another BSF Seeds car that will leave you impressed.

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