BSF Seeds Pineapple Larry OG Feminized (Cinderella 99 x Super Lemon Larry OG IBL)


BSF Seeds Pineapple Larry OG Feminized (Cinderella 99 x Super Lemon Larry OG IBL).

As usual in BSF Seeds, we continue to surprise with our strains. After looking for many possible crosses to obtain a variety with pineapple-lemon flavor, we have obtained the Pineapple Larry OG, a sativa-dominant hybrid, son of the Cinderella 99 crossing of the famous Brothers Grimmde Colorado bank, selected in 2003 by ourselves; with Super Lemon Larry OG IBL from Alpine Seeds, a prestigious Swiss bank considered the best group in its country.

Pineapple Larry OG is a strain that likes to be well fed to realize its full potential, giving high yields indoors and outdoors. A very stable strain with two possible phenotypes, but very similar to each other, with long, hard arms, very light in color, with dark orange pistils; and with a huge resin production that will leave you with a wide smile. With little, your activity level will rise to the clouds, so its use tomorrow is recommended to take advantage of its stimulating properties.

Caratteristiche del seme

GENOTIPODominante Sativa 
Resa425 gr/m²
Resa450 gr/pianta
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