BSF Seeds Psycho XXL Automix


BSF Seeds Psycho XXL Automix.

BSF Seeds presents a new mix that will blow your head, Psycho XXL Automix. A mix with the 4 most powerful autoflowering, producing and sativa varieties on the market, separated into 4 independent bubbles to avoid confusion, all in a single package. Perfect for sativa lovers with little time to cultivate and high demand for flowers.

Amnesia XXL Auto
BSF Seeds is a classic of all times, in its autoflowering and super production version, the Amnesia XXL Auto. This variety is characterized by being a plant of medium-high stature and very easy to grow, for its resistance to pests and diseases; an exceptional producer that boasts a compact and very heavy central bud, obtaining enormous sativa crops in a short time.

The Amnesia XXL Auto preserves the classic aroma of haze, lemon and pine, and even with sweet nuances in some specimens. Its powerful long-lasting effect, more cerebral than physical, makes it a perfect choice for day-to-day use. For our medicinal users this strain offers a prolonged activating effect, perfect to treat depressions and food problems.

As with our other autoflowering varieties, we recommend using a good diet from the beginning, trying to reduce it by half during flowering. Amnesia XXL Auto is without a doubt a powerful sativa that you should not stop trying.

Genetics: Amnesia Auto x Male selected auto
Sativity: 80%
THC: High
Effect: Powerful, Physical, Active
Complete cycle: 75 – 90 days
Taste: Pine, Incense, Haze
○ Interior: 400 – 500 grs / m2
○ Exterior: 60 – 250 grs / plant

BSF Seeds continues with the classics, this time with the renowned AK XXL Auto. Famous throughout the world for its high performance and strong high, comes to our bank AK 47 in its autoflowering version. The AK XXL Auto is a blend of varieties from Thailand, Afghanistan, Colombia and Mexico, which result in a medium-high-sized auto variety, very easy to grow, with rock hard buds and a shiny resin coating. Its flavor is an intense sweet that develops in citrus nuances in some specimens.

For its cultivation we suggest using a filter, since its smell at the end of flowering is intoxicating. As in all our cars, we recommend short but continuous irrigations, and make a single transplant to a definitive pot of at least 11 liters. AK XXL Auto is totally recommended for our medicinal users who can use it for problems of depression, lack of attention or food problems.

Genetics: AK 47 x Male selected auto
Sativity: 60%
THC: Medium-High
Effect: Cerebral, Intense
Complete Cycle: 70 days
Taste: Sweet, Citrus, Pine
○ Interior: 350 – 450 grs / m2
○ Exterior: 70 – 150 grs / plant

Lemon Haze XXL Auto
BSF Seeds presents the favorite classic of lovers of the Haze in its autoflowering version, the Lemon Haze XXL Auto. An auto variety of giant size and high production, which emerges from the crossing of our Jack Herrer Auto with a powerful Lemon Haze male, making this variety the best option for sativa lovers who wish to harvest large quantities in record time.

The Lemon Haze XXL Auto is an easy-to-grow plant that requires ample space for roots and a good diet from the beginning to obtain a good result. In return, will deliver elongated and full of resin buds, which will surprise you with its strong lemon and pine flavor, which in some examples is manifested with the classic Haze flavor. Its powerful effect does not go unnoticed either, it will hit you with a strong cerebral ascent that will last hours, being the perfect choice to share good moments with friends. Another classic of BSF Seeds.

Genetics: Jack Herer Auto x Lemon Haze
Sativity: 80%
THC: Medium-High
Effect: Cerebral, Active
Complete cycle: 75 days
Taste: Lemon, Haze, Pine
○ Interior: 350 – 550 grs / m2
○ Exterior: 60 – 300 grs / plant

London Cheese XXL Auto
BSF Seeds brings us the fourth jewel of our Psycho XXL Automix, the famous and award-winning London Cheese XXL Auto. This time we crossed a Cheese Auto with our 3rd generation automatic male to give it super production in record time. This automatic strain has a medium-high bearing and a strong smell of old cheese that will not go unnoticed.

London Cheese XXL Auto is characterized by being very easy to grow. Its appearance is similar to that of a Skunk, because it develops a large central bud with lateral branches at the same height, requiring a strong fertilization from the 3rd week, then go down gradually when entering the flowering phase. We also recommend the use of air filters, since its strong smell can attract a lot of attention. Its very cerebral and prolonged effect is perfect to trigger creativity and inspiration, also showing exceptional medicinal results in its extractions. A variety completely recommended for impatient cultivators who love Cheese. London Cheese XXL Auto another variety of BSF Seeds.

Genetics: Cheese Auto x Male selected auto
Sativity: 70%
THC: Medium-High
Effect: Narcotic, Euphoric
Complete Cycle: 70 days
Taste: Old Cheese, Sweet, Skunk
○ Interior: 350 – 500 grs / m2
○ Exterior: 80 – 200 grs / plant

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