Cannabiogen SANDSTORM Regular – Semi Regolari


Cannabiogen SANDSTORM Regular – Semi Regolari.

Genetics: Indica 100% Pakistan/Morocco
Yield: Medium
Flowering: 55-65 days – Ext: October

This 100% Indica variety developed in 1998 with new genetics comes from a couple of seeds that were rescued from a very powerful and cerebral Chitral Kush hash plant and crossed with a stud from a traditional Moroccan plant which we will call Mi7-B.

The dense buds with lush dark green and resinous leaves have a special aroma and different from everything we have known. We believe it is the most suitable for medicinal use.

It offers a spectacular development under artificial light and outdoors. It is an exotic variety with a high percentage of THC and a sweet aroma and a pungent scent of musk. Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for a high yield.

Caratteristiche del seme

GENOTIPOPura Indica 
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