Exotic Seed GREEN GUMMY AUTO Green Gummy X (American Indica X Auto Skunk) F4


Exotic Seed GREEN GUMMY AUTO Green Gummy X (American Indica X Auto Skunk) F4.

The origin of this variety is in a selection of Green Gummy whose main characteristics were a very sweet aroma and a quantity of resin that from the first moment made us realize that we had to take advantage of that selection to create something really interesting.

And so Green Gummy Auto was born, a large autoflowering Strain, between 100-120 cm high and with high production, close to 500 gr / m2 in optimal conditions, with dense flowers that are supported by its robust structure and Levels of resin comparable to those of a non-autoflowering hybrid, being ready to harvest in about 9 weeks from its germination.

As for its aroma, Green Gummy Auto is characterized by a very sweet smell, a trait inherited from its non-autoflowering mother and that we have managed to maintain throughout the development of this variety, whose effect is fundamentally physical, relaxing, appropriate for those Users who need to relieve muscle aches or simply seek relaxation.

Exotic SeedEffect: Medical
Genetics: Green Gummy X (American Indica X Auto Skunk)F4
Yield: 450 – 500 G/M2
Potency: Medium – High
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Caratteristiche del seme

GENOTIPODominante Indica 
Resa475 gr/m²
Altezza100 cm
Altezza120 cm