Blue Dream CBD | Swiss Clone | CBD Clone

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Blue Dream CBD | Swiss Clone | CBD Clone

Blue Dream CBD is a genetics with fast and vigorous growth, which develops a very powerful root system. The large space between its thin leaves makes it possible for light to reach the lower parts of the plant, thus allowing for harmonious development. In 9 weeks, the branches fill with huge, resinous buds that turn beautiful purple, blue and silver hues on the coldest nights.

The taste of Blue Dream CBD is penetrating and is accompanied by sweet, citrus and peppery tones. It provides a light, clear and very relaxing effect that is not particularly psychoactive. This strain allows users who are not accustomed to cannabis to take advantage of the numerous therapeutic properties without problems.


  • Indica / Sativa: 50%-50%
  • Days: 55
  • Cross: Unknown

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Blue Dream CBD
Blue Dream CBD | Swiss Clone | CBD Clone
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