DNA Genetics L.A. Sorbet Feminized (L.A. Confidential x Sorbet)


DNA Genetics L.A. Sorbet Feminized (L.A. Confidential x Sorbet).

L.A. Sorbet is an Indica dominate hybrid that has the perfect blend of L.A. Confidential and the newly introduced Sorbet!

Sweet complex flavours of the world-famous L.A. Confidential combined with the true smoothness of the Sorbet allows for an intense plant profile.

She produces average buds for her size that are dense and super powerful. The 8-week flowering time makes for a fast rewarding growing experience. The L.A. Sorbet is definitely at the top of our list.

This smooth tasting, sweet finishing strain is everything that you are looking for in your next crop.

DNA GeneticsL.A. Confidential x Sorbet
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Indica: 70% | Sativa: 30%
Yield: 350-450 g/m2
Height: Medium

Caratteristiche del seme

GENOTIPODominante Indica 
Resa400 gr/m²