Dr. Underground BROOKLYN MANGO Feminized (Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x New York City Diesel)


Dr. Underground BROOKLYN MANGO Feminized (Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x New York City Diesel).

The study for the creation of Brooklyn Mango started looking for plants with strong smell of Mango with hard rock buds. of rock-hard buds. We started using our mother Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, selected from original seeds Sensi Seeds, was chosen for her strong pineapple taste, it is the same mother we used to create the super yielder King Kong.

We tested diferenes combinations to get the end result we were looking for and we got it after choose a mother of New York City Diesel, selected from Soma Seeds original seeds. This NYCD was elected by a strong aroma variable betwen Diesel and mango.

While the mother elected on the diesel smell is not very pantente, is different in their offspring. Combining this exquisitely with touches tropical mango, lemon and pineapple.

The result is a 8 – 9 weeks of flowering time plant, hard buds, compact, dense, filled with resin, typical grass that needs an extar dry.

Training with a bush we will get plenty of resin heads, perfect for any type of crops always getting better results in hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Suitable for beginners who have always a minimum Know-how cannabis cultivation.

For more advanced growers are invited to make a crop with a net system to get an abysmal production. Brooklyn Mango responds very well to training as a shrub.

Cautrion on outdoor crops made in homeland because it can grow exponentially vertical and horizontally. Production in mother earth can give big plants nearly 1 kilogram of dry bud without losing quality.

Dr. UndergroundInterior flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks

Flowering Tiemo Exterior: Principles / October Mediadios

Production int: 500 – 700 gr (could be maximized in SOG or SCROG, hydro or aero).

Production ext: 800 – 1,000 g (depending on methods, you can increase or decrease).

Caratteristiche del seme

GENOTIPOIbrido (50/50) 
PRODUTTOREDr. Underground 
Resa600 gr/m²
Resa900 gr/pianta