Dr. Underground GORILLA OG Feminized (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tahoe OG)


Dr. Underground GORILLA OG Feminized (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tahoe OG).

To create this magnificent variety we have used two cuttings of legendary level, on the one hand we have the famous Gorilla Glue 4, which we all know is the result of an accident between a Chem Sis and a Star Dubb, along with the great famous Og kush from of Lake Tahoe, remember that, there are theories in which they claim that said cutting is equal to the famous Og Kush first and original, that of the former forerunner Ocean Grow.

In any case we have done our job and here we put it at your disposal. It is a very fragrant plant, whose aromas vibrate between that frantic diesel-chem and certain nuances of old punk skunk. We can find some phenotypic variations which are pronounced in the aroma and final taste, we have found 3.

Feno Lemon: Cogollos hard as rocks, very similar to the other two fenos structure, but this gives off a citrus touch that left us very interested, coming to remind us of the famous Lemon Larry OG.

Diesel – Skunk – Oil: This is the most common, I calculate that of 10 seeds 6 come out of this type. It is strong and instantaneous, can give problems by the smell, both in flowering and to transport a simple bud, the use of hermetic pots is recommended. It is equal to the other two fenos in structure.

Apple: This is the least common, out of 10 will be 1, if you find it … save it, we have already done it. Regarding structure is the same as the previous ones, we only find difference in said nuances already mentioned.

Dr. Underground

The flowering period does not exceed 9 weeks, creating dark leaf plants with buds coated in resin, when manicuring is very “sticky”, making the work a little slower, but what remains in the scissors is pure poison .

Flowering: 9 weeks

Limited number of packs.

Dr. Underground GORILLA OG Feminized (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tahoe OG)
Dr. Underground GORILLA OG Feminized (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tahoe OG)
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