Dr. Underground MELON GUM Feminized (Lavender x Bubblegum)

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Dr. Underground MELON GUM Feminized (Lavender x Bubblegum).

It is a feminized cannabis seed that comes from the crossing of two genetics of the first rank: Sensi Star 2004 and Peyote Purple.

It is a limited edition whose result is a variety of cannabis, with Indica dominance and extremely productive, which in a very short time offers impressive high quality harvests.

A delicious in extra large size. This plant was originally a dream, looking to retain the awesome flavor of the Lavender (soma seeds) with touchs of melon and strawberry gum thanks to our selected Bubblegum (Serious Seeds).

We have kept the color, ranging from blue, red and black with the monster weight of Melon Gum only in 50 – 57 days of flowering time.

The buds of these super girls do not forget easily. Melon Gum produces some killers highs, especially if you go with friends, is really fun. Undoubtedly, if you search for a plant with colors, beautiful, full of resin, hard buds like stones, amazing taste and extra largue yield, this is your plant.

The odor during the grow is strong, recommended to use a filter. In outdoor crops she become the queen of your garden, the colors and the contrast between white resin and purple buds make your garden a better place. In hydro or aero crops should not give vegetative time, it would be a chaos.

The flavor varies in the sweetest of lemons to a mix between berries and bitter melon, very VERY tasty this variety.

Dr. UndergroundBloom indoor: 7 to 8 weeks Time

Bloom out: late September, early October.

Production in: 600-800gr Production out around a kilo per plant in mother earth.


Aero and hydro without vegetative
Outside, thanks to SUN develops large tails, colorful and filled with resin.

Dr. Underground MELON GUM Feminized (Lavender x Bubblegum)
Dr. Underground MELON GUM Feminized (Lavender x Bubblegum)
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