Exclusive Seeds Auto Mozar Feminized

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Exclusive Seeds Auto Mozar Feminized.

Auto Mozar by Exlusive Seeds is the bank’s newest autoflowering variety. The crossing of genetics from which this strain has been obtained (Deimos x Mazar) promises a lot.

This powerful indica has a beastly development. We will get large specimens growing both high and wide. It has a very well branched and strong structure. The lateral branches will have the same strength and stiffness as their main stem. This is a factor to consider once Auto Mozar enters flowering. It is considered a variety XL so if we look for a discrete plant better to choose another option.

For its brutal development Auto Mozar is a perfect bet for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

To achieve optimal development you should avoid transplants and plant it in a good pot or on direct soil. That is where we will really see its true nature.

For indoor cultivation you will get the maximum performance using 11L pots and working with an LEC equipment since it offers an improved gr / W ratio.

Auto Mozar of Exclusive Seeds will offer us a copious production of clusters of fat buds, compact and of excellent quality. This is where his predecessors show all their splendor. It is later to harvest than other varieties of the bank but the wait will be worth it.

It is autoflowering XL promises to become one of the productive of the moment. Do not wait for them to tell you.

Aroma and taste of Auto Mozar.
Its organoleptic qualities are a mixture of both genetic (Deimos and Mazar). From the first draft we will get drunk sweet notes and later we will show some subtle earthy touches and good hashish.

Auto Mozar effects.
Get ready for one of the most intense trips you have ever lived. From the first draft you will notice how you get goosebumps. All the power of his genetics will leave KO on the couch. Strong effect both mental and physical.

You can take advantage of its medicinal qualities to help treat insomnia or chronic pain suffered by some disease.

Exclusive SeedsVariety: Automatic
Indica: 80%
Sativa: 20%
Flowering: 80 Days
Production per m2: 450 gr / 500 gr.

Exclusive Seeds Auto Mozar Feminized
Exclusive Seeds Auto Mozar Feminized
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