Sundae Driver | Cannarado Genetics | First Generation Clone

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Sundae Driver | Cannarado Genetics | First Generation Clone

Sundae Driver is a hybrid cannabis strain bred by Cannarado Genetics and commercialized by Jungle Boys. Breeding and growing cannabis since 1998, the founder of Cannarado Genetics first started making a name for himself and his brand in 2009–2010 after joining the conversation on cannabis forums like THC Farmer and IC Mag. Today, Cannarado Genetics is highly regarded for creating an ever growing catalogue of strains with great terps and high THC levels, many of which are readily available in seed form from the breeder’s website.

Ever since founding Cannarado Genetics, its founder has been predominantly focused on creating feminized seeds, though he also works with regular seed stock occasionally. Most notably, Cannarado Genetics is known to use elite Colorado strains as well as some clone-only cuts from other parts of the world, including Sour Dubble, Jack Herer, Lemon G, The White, Thin Mint Cookies, and Grape Pie, as well as select OG varieties. Cannarado has also openly expressed his appreciation for old Dutch cannabis varieties and said he is going to try and evoke some old 90s Dutch strains.

Cannarado Genetics is one of several breeders working with Jungle Boys. After creating and stabilizing Sundae Driver in 2018, Cannarado sent the strain to Jungle Boys, who hunted down its phenotypes and started commercializing the strain to make it the highly sought-after hybrid it is today.


  • Indica / Sativa: 80%-20%
  • Days: 60/70
  • Cross: Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie

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Sundae Driver
Sundae Driver | Cannarado Genetics | First Generation Clone
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