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Anaconda Seeds is an exclusive craft strain seed bank brand created with Swiss precision and an eye for every detail. Years of cultivating and selecting best DNK from world’s finest, awarded and most popular strain varieties with a lot of patience gave us astonishing and exclusive results – new created strains containing the best characteristics you would wish from a plant but at the same time removing all plant’s unpleasant symptoms.

We at Anaconda Seeds strongly believe exclusivity comes only from investing a lot of time into the quality. Meaning selection, ingredients and resources. And that allow us ignoring all the compromises. Organically run tropical plantations, selected locations grown, rare quality and exclusively packed.

What we create are masterpieces, seed strains you can not find anywhere else.

All strains of Anaconda Seeds are available in smaller 1 seed, 3, 5 or 10 seeds packagings and even in bigger multipack packaging of 100 carefully stored seeds.

You can always select and order either one single strain or you can play, tryout or test several different strains or seeds with mixing varieties in one order.

Packs are well crafted, lightweight for shipments and functionally designed to protect seeds from shocks or hydration.

Every Anaconda Seed packaging is always originally sealed and packed in a protected packaging to guarantee best possible conditions of our products you can expect and wish for.

Please be careful and sure to buy our seeds as originals, in original packaging and still originally sealed and only from or authorized representative or dealer.