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If you are looking for something that is completely unique but with a pedigree you can count on then look no further than the DNA Genetics Limited Collection.

Some of the Limited Collection strains produced came from the owners of DNA Genetics private seed stock and plants that are not usually available in seed form at all thats why each pack are limited in number and once sold out will not come back.

DNA Genetics; perhaps one of the most well known and regarded cannabis brands in the world was established over thirteen years ago in Amsterdam.

At the time it was the only market that provided a place for legal and commercial cannabis activity. During this period DNA Genetics were able to develop their brand as well as influence the global market, developing high quality seeds directly from California to the then only legal market in the entire world.

After having spent more than a decade building the brand in the European marketplace DNA has simultaneously been developing strategic partnerships throughout the world, directly entering into each legal market as the laws in each territory changed to provide for legal cannabis enterprises.

DNA Genetics intentions have not changed from the moment the company was created and will continue to provide and supply the highest quality cannabis seeds for the medicinal and recreational markets.

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